Turds in the Toybox – Phil Phillips and the Occultic Overtones

Jul 24, 2022 | Episode

In this episode, Christian and Joe go LIVE and watch the first few episodes of Turmoil in the Toybox, the documentary series that sparked Christian outrage over Satanic symbolism in Saturday Morning Cartoons. Which toys, cartoons, and appliances (yes, really) were banned from Christian homes? Which toy was so evil that Lianne’s family burned it outside instead of in the fireplace (where other occultic materials were regularly burned) Listen to find out!
Hear two silly jackasses talk about 80’s toys like He Man and the Masters of the Universe (and the guys in the documentary are also pretty shitty).

Also in this ep:

  • An update on the Superbook Bible App
  • And how to argue with Christians going forward

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