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A Blast for You and a Blasphemy: a B-Movie with Horror Fashion Review

In this episode, Grace from Horror Fashion Review joins us to watch a hilariously sacrilegious film about assassin nuns! Sister...

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One Grub Community

Our good friends, Roman and Adriana Wilcox, run a rad, plant-based diner in El Paso that feeds anyone for free, and a nonprofit that teaches their community to grow food in the desert. They are losing their building, and we are hoping to get them into a new space.
You might recognize Roman from the HBO cooking series The Big Brunch. After the show, Roman and Adriana went right back to serving their community. They have such huge hearts, and they help so many folks with their amazing food and their completely nonjudgmental love And now they need our help. Please take a sec to check out their fundraiser.