A Blast for You and a Blasphemy: a B-Movie with Horror Fashion Review

Nov 12, 2023 | Episode

In this episode, Grace from Horror Fashion Review joins us to watch a hilariously sacrilegious film about assassin nuns! Sister Wrath (aka Nun of That) is a wacky (and sometimes problematic) 2008 indie film with all the stuff you love: gay nuns fighting Italian gangsters with bad accents, straight nuns fighting Jewish assassins, and bisexual nuns comin’ on to Jesus/Satan. AND, a cameo from Lloyd Kaufman as the Pope!.. For real..

Also in this ep:

  • Who is the best dressed slasher?
  • What’s the best name for an Italian strip club/spaghetti joint?
  • Which of the hosts met Lloyd Kaufman irl?
  • What does the Bible actually say about Lesbians? (Spoiler Alert: Jack-shit because women didn’t matter to the dudes who wrote it.)

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