Nefarious P.O.S. – Christian Hollywood Horror

Jun 3, 2023 | Episode

Joe and Christian went to an actual movie theater to see the secret Christian Horror film, Nefarious, and they were even kinda sober! Spoiler Alert, the real horror was the 90 minutes of Christian propaganda. From the assholes who made God’s Not Dead, we should have expected less. Was it scary at all? How did it earn the “R” rating? Which stars from Entourage and Boondock Saints give their all as a demon-possessed serial killer and, even worse *GASP* an atheist psychiatrist?! We’ll tell you all about it and barely even break one microphone in the process.

Also in this episode:

  • The guys play a game about Christian businesses that peddle sin?
  • A Christian Beer Brewery owned by a former sitcom star? 
  • A challenge issued to a friend who doesn’t listen to the pod?!!

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Nefarious Trailer

Watch out your own risk!