Klean Khristian Komedy An Interview with Emma Arnold

Aug 7, 2022 | Episode

In this episode, Christian interviews stand-up comedian, Emma Arnold, about her experiences with “clean Christian comics.”
“Clean Christian Comedy is fun for the whole family, wholesome, inspiring, and based on Christian values.” Anyone wanna guess how long it takes for Christian comics to start complaining that “things were better when the government let men be men”? Christian Comedy is distinct from good ole “clean comedy” because it pushes a specific agenda and is represented by some of the worst humans on the planet.

Also in this ep:

  • Joe and Christian watch a PureFlix Clean Comedy Special. Spoiler alert.. If it’s “Christian”.. it’s gonna be racist and misogynistic. That’s the punchline!
  • Joe and Christian try their hand at religious jokes. Spoiler Alert: They suck. (The jokes and the joke-tellers)

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Seriously.. we were really hesitant to post this one..