Happy Lost Souls – Interviews with the Ex-Religious

Sep 21, 2023 | Episode

In this episode, Christian and Lianne make due with Joe while he recovers from a “honeymoon injury”. It’s three interviews with ex-religious folks who have some beautiful, uplifting stories about their experiences leaving religion.
Spoiler Alert: They get kinda fucked up because… “something something” the church sucks.

Also in this episode:

  • Is hockey the church we all need?
  • Was it super cool to be a Nurse Practitioner during COVID? 
  • Is the most fucked up teaching in the church the lesson you teach yourself?
  • How did Joe actually injure himself on the most romantic day of his life?
  • Which sex position should he have tried instead? 

Questions we asked our interviewees:

  1. When/why did you leave the church?
  2. What do you miss most?
  3. What have you gained since leaving?
  4. What is the most batshit sermon/teaching you remember?
  5. Is there a piece of religious media you still look on fondly?

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