7th Heathen – A Script and Lack of Self Respect

Apr 30, 2023 | Episode

In this Lost Episode of from Season 1 of the podcast, Joe and Christian discuss a very special episode of hit WB show, 7th Heaven.
Will the Camden household survive after Happy, the dog is spotted with a marijuana cigarette? Which parent confesses that they smoked pot in high school? Will new boyfriend, Rod, every get his sperm count high enough to impregnate Lucy just by showing her his mustache?
These questions may be answered as we dive into this 90’s/00’s “Christian” TV show phenomenon starring Jessica Biel and Kirk’s love interest from Star Trek IV. 

Also in this episode:

  • A game about 7th Heaven guest stars
  • Bad jokes
  • Bad puns

**This episode of the podcast was lost and recovered just in time to bridge the gap between seasons 1 and 2** Enjoy!

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